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Your Success Starts Here!

More than ever before, people are looking for ways to supplement their income and to be able to do it from home.  The days of needing a $15,000 home studio or having to have an agent are behind us.  Make no mistake about it, you DO need to have TALENT, and YOU MUST PUT IN THE TRAINING.  Not everyone is cut out for voice over, but a lot of the roadblocks that were once in your way, are gone.  Thanks to advances in home recording and online opportunities to find auditions and get work, the time has never been better to get started.  And that's where we come in.

For the price that some companies charge for just a commercial voice over demo, we can get you setup with a home recording solution with one-on-one online tutorial,  video classes for voice over beginners, 8 one-hour live video classes with one of our coaches, a custom professional commercial voice over demo, and our "I've got a Demo, Now What?" instructional pdf.  Everything is included!

1.  Professional USB Microphone, stand, headphones, pop filter, cables, and recording software

2.  One hour of online one-on-one video tutorial to set up your gear and learn your software

3.  Alyson Steel's three part video course, "Introduction to Commercial Voice Over"

4.  One-on-one 8 week Commercial Voice Over Course via Skype or Zoom.

5. Your custom commercial voice over demo, including everything mentioned on our DEMOS page

6. We'll even help guide you through the steps to take after you have your commercial demo

Everything you need to get started in voice over for only $2950! That's what some companies charge JUST FOR A DEMO. We'll even get you started with only $700 down and you can pay off the balance as we work together.  $1000 is due when your live Skype classes begin and the balance of $1250 is due once the demo is complete. Ready to get started? Click the "Let's Begin" button to make your first payment and reserve your spot.  Don't put it off any longer, your journey into the world of voice over starts now!

Ready to get into VO, but not sure if you'll be ready for a demo?

Don't rush it! Get started with a USB microphone, mic stand, pop filter, headphones, recording software, one-on-one tutorial to learn how to use your new gear, and Alyson Steel's three part "Intro to Commercial VO" video course for only $799!

Seasoned VO Pro, Alyson Steel, will take you through all of the basic in her successful Intro to Voice Over video course.  You'll learn the beginner's VO essentials , how to mark up your scripts, and much more.  You'll also get an hour of live one-on-one tutorial with home studio solutions expert, Bryan Showalter.  You'll learn how to get the most out of your mic and software, basic editing skills, plus how to address acoustic issues at home. 

For a limited time get it all for only $799, normally $999. 

You'll receive a digital download link immediately for your video courses, and your equipment will be shipped within 48 hours.

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