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Voice over Demos for actors



Specializing in VO Demos for the On-Camera Actor

Now more than ever, on-camera actors are supplementing their careers with voice over gigs.  Whether your agent has been asking you for a VO demo, or you've finally decided to branch off into VO on your own, you've come to the right spot.  Actors bring a valuable skill set to voice over, and we customize the demo to play off your strengths.  We'll help guide you from being in front of the camera to behind the mic.

VOICE OVER DEMOS tend to fall into one of three categories; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  When you find exorbitantly high prices, that doesn't always yield exorbitantly professional results.  We go the extra mile to ensure you don't just walk away with a "demo", but instead you have a tool that represents your talent, and is produced at the utmost level of professionalism.  We operate with the integrity and patience you should expect from demo producers and we're here to mentor you through the entire process.  If we feel you need more coaching and training than this package offers before you're ready to do a demo, we won't just take your money.  We'll recommend a path you can follow to advance your skills to the necessary level.


We get to know you! We don't do cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all demos. We design the copy and pick products and characters based on you, your personality, and experience. We'll have you read a couple pieces of copy to get a feel for your experience level.  Give us 15-20 minutes on the phone, and then we're off to the races. 


You'll do an hour-long, 4-week online class with one of our coaches where they'll help you focus on using the strengths you've developed as an actor as they apply to voice over.  You'll have homework in between classes to practice your skills.  We'll make sure you're covered on basic voice over techniques & session etiquette, and we'll break down & rehearse your scripts.  You'll need to be able to record from home, and if you don't have a USB mic, we can help with that too.  *If you already have  voice over experience and don't need the full 4 hours of coaching, fill out the response form below and we'll contact you with the price. 



If you're local to Los Angeles, you'll record in one of our professional studios. This typically takes an hour or so. If you live outside LA, we've still got you covered and we can discuss a variety of options available to you for recording locally. Chances are you can record at a local studio or even your home, because BREAKING NEWS: You need to be able to record professionally from home if you want to be a player in this game. Don't worry, we can get you set up with a home recording solution as well.



We design copy and pick products and characters based on you, your experience, and your personality. This helps you deliver the emotions you're trying to convey to the audience.  If you love Target and despise Wal Mart, naturally you will have an easier time conveying the right emotion in a Target commercial.  Now if you end up booking a job for Wal Mart, that's when the voice acting kicks in and you fall back on your coaching and training.  



We have access to vast libraries of music and professional sound effects that are constantly updated. It is an absolute must to make sure the person producing  your demo understands the licensing aspect of choosing your music.  If they don't, it can come back to bite you.  It's also essential that the person choosing your music understands the importance it plays in helping you convey the emotion of your read and its impact on the listener.  It's not just "background music".



That's right, not months, not weeks... days.   Our chief engineer has been recording, mixing, and mastering voice over professionally for over 17 years, literally thousands of sessions.  That's thousands of hours working with the best directors and talent in our industry.  His background as a musician and song writer play a huge role in the understanding of what the music needs to accomplish when supporting your voice.  72 hours after we record your voice tracks, you'll have your first mix to review.



We go above and beyond.  We provide ALL of your raw VO tracks, ALL of your individually-mixed and mastered spots, and even include THREE versions of your demo, at no extra charge: the full version, around 1:30, a cut down version that's around 1:15, and a super tight 1-minute version required by some agents and casting sites.  We'll send you a digital download link to all your files.

And we do it ALL for only 1/2

of what some producers charge!

ONLY $1450  regularly $1650

only 25% down to get started!


Read what  some of our demo clients have to say...

"Aly and Bryan catapulted my voiceover career. I was a beginner, and once Aly said I was ready we recorded my demo. After sending it out, I ended up with eight, yes, EIGHT, different agents after a weekend of emails. It was an incredibly validating experience and set me up for professional success." - Kevin Perales

Alyson and Bryan will rock your demo world! Between Alyson’s coaching to get your best performance possible and Bryan’s first class demo production, you can’t miss. The business narration demo they produced gets consistently noticed on the P2P sites and has landed me several eLearning gigs!“ - Jim Cooper 

"Bryan has been editing my demos and demos that I produce for over 7 years. Producing demos can take forever, unless your engineer really knows what he is doing! He knows exactly what agents are looking for when editing together a demo. His knowledge, speed and skill are unparalleled! His rates are highly competitive, but not nearly what he should charge given given his crazy-great level of expertise.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"  - Debi Derryberry aka Jimmy Neutron

Mick's professional knowledge, great motivation and direction helped me create a Voice Demo that has dramatically increased my confidence during auditions.” - PaMela Antwine, Voice Actress, Innovative Artists

"When traveling down your actor path you have to make sure you’re prepared for the journey. A quality demo is a must and I can’t think of a better place to record one than with Bryan Showalter while being directed by the unbelievably talented Julie Maddalena. You won’t encounter friendlier professionals who will work with you until you have the perfect sound and your demo will be the best representation of you as an actor. The studio is clean, the equipment is top notch and the direction you will receive is some of the best. Collaborating with Julie and Bryan will yield a truly epic demo that you can proudly use to market yourself for years to come." -  David McKahan

Mick made the experience easy, comfortable and positive. I left feeling like I'd made the best demo I possibly could thanks to his guidance and expertise. The production value is top notch, too.” - Anthony Tedesco, Voice Actor, Artistic Talent

"I've worked with Julie and Bryan and their insight is unparalleled.  Patient and kind, you won't find anyone better to give you a more comforting and professional experience. When I had trouble not getting the right read out of a line, they both helped me out by working through new techniques until we found the keeper! Their collective experiences and understanding will help bring the best out of you."  - Dylan Belardinelli

"Bryan HAS ALWAYS COME THRU for me thru thick and thin.  His demo reels. YES YES YES  He’s my GO TO always... and quick!!!  Holy Moly!!! He’s quick, kind and thorough.  I personally can say with conviction, he’s your guy." - Vanessa Gilbert, Agent / Manager RSA Talent


ALL for only 1/2 of what some producers charge!

Summer Special...  ONLY $1450  regularly $1650

only 25% down to get started!

Add a high quality USB mic, pop filter, mic stand, headphones, cables, recording software, and live one-on-one tutorials with one of the industry's best home studio experts to get you setup and recording:

On Sale for $599, regularly $799. Use Promo Code 650 for FREE shipping.

Don't put your agent off any longer

Get started today!

Only 25% down and the balance due when it's done

Meet Our Team of Producers and Coaches





Bryan has been working in the VO industry for 17 years as a professional mixer and audio engineer.  After 10 years on the road as a musician, his career in the voice over industry began as the personal engineer for Trailer and Promo Voice, Ashton Smith.  Years of experience gained from engineering thousands of voice over sessions and working with some of the best talent, directors, and producers is what gives him his engineering speed and an ear for what talent buyers are listening for when they hear your demo.  His background in writing and performing music gives our demos a musicality and emotional feel that you won't find everywhere.





Alyson is a graduate of the “Famed” HS of Performing Arts in NYC. She received her B.A. from Queens College while doing recurring work on soap operas and commercials. After graduating with an MFA in Dramaturgy from SUNY Stony Brook, she moved to Los Angeles and began doing extensive Voice Over work. Currently Alyson is the Voice of Norms, Pajamagram, Vermont Teddy Bear, Vermont Brownie, Outside TV and TVG Networks. She has done promos for “E”, Fox, ABC and Hallmark Channel and more.  Her kind nature, experience behind the mic, and years of coaching and producing demos is what keeps her students coming back to her and recommending her to others.

Mick Wingert HS Standard copy.jpeg




Mick Wingert is a working voice actor best known for his roles as as Po in the Kung Fu Panda media franchise and Iron Man in Avengers Assemble and Slappy in Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. Other roles include memorable characters in animation and game projects like
Persona 5, Monster Hunter World, To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, Voltron: Legendary Defender, One Piece Stampede and more.  When Mick first popped up on our radar as an animation coach and demo producer, we discovered his talents went far beyond voice acting.




Julie has been performing since she was a child; dancing, singing and acting in every medium- film, television, commercials and the theater. She started doing voice overs over 30 years ago and fell in love with the discipline, challenge, art and community in this aspect of the industry. Over the last decade, though Julie continues to work as an actress, she's been writing, directing, producing demos and providing group and private coaching. Her highest joy, whether directing or coaching, is helping others to "find their voice"!





Lynneanne has been an actor and voice actor for over 25 years with over a thousand credits to her name.  She is also one of the community's most respected voice over teachers with a passion for passing it on to the next generation.  She is known as the consummate professional ,not only in ADR, but in Commercial, Promo, Narration, and Video Games.  She has also cast the ADR KID VOICES for Captain Underpants, Boss Baby, and The Book Of Life to name a few. 


Thanks for submitting! We'll respond shortly.

Summer Special...  ONLY $1450  regularly $1650

Add a high quality USB mic, pop filter, mic stand, headphones, cables, recording software, and live one-on-one tutorials with one of the industry's best home studio experts to get you setup and recording:

On Sale for $599  regularly $899.           Use Promo Code 650 for FREE Shipping!

Don't put your agent off any longer

Get started today!

Only 25% down and the balance due when it's done

Here are some great tips from Voice Actor / Demo Producer, Mick Wingert:

1.) Most importantly: do NOT make a demo until you are ready. By ready, I mean performing at the top of your current skill level. Demos are to showcase skill to a prospective agent or casting director. It is to showcase what you are capable of. If you are not capable of voice acting at a level that can book a real job, you DON’T want to showcase that. Take your time, build your skills and get comfortable with the act of performing in front of a microphone. 


2.) IF you are ready for a demo, make it with the listener in mind. More that a showcase for your talents, a voice over demo is a tool for people in a position to hire voice actors to find the right fit for a given role. Both agents and casting directors listen to demos of talent to see if booking this person will help them do their jobs. Lead with your best acting in your natural voice. For animation, this means your first few clips should be moments of you playing the characters your voice naturally sounds like. In commercials, this means do not have any commercials on your demo for products you are not a credible spokesperson for. If you have a naturally friendly, young-sounding, guy next door voice, don’t put a hard-sell, deep voiced truck spot on your demo. It won’t help you and you don’t need it. 


3.) You must be an actor first. Specifically for your animation or interactive gaming demos, casting directors want to know if you can play characters - people who not only sound a certain way, but who have feelings and perspectives and who make choices in situations based on those things. Your Bugs Bunny or Homer Simpson impression will get you no where in animation VO, no matter how funny it might be to your friends and family.


4.) Have a separate demo for each area of voice acting you want to work in and know that a commercial demo is a MUST-HAVE for any agency. Even us dyed-in-the-wool animation actors have to have our commercial reels for agents to take us seriously. Agencies make the majority of their money on advertising bookings, so a prospective talent must prove he or she can book a tv or radio commercial in order to be considered.


5.) There are reasonable times for the length of your demo. Adhere to them:

Commercial or Network Promo demos: 1-minute or less

Animation or Interactive (video game) demos 2 minutes or less

Narration or audiobook demos no longer than 3 minutes


6.) Listen to the demos of the people who’s work you like and try to make a similar demo of YOUR work. This note is about the style of the demo. A demo should sound like a demo, so make sure you know what it sounds like. Also, those voice actors you admire are likely still hoofing it for jobs, so know how good you have to be to compete with them by listening to what they are putting forward. 

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