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Voice Over Demos tend to fall into one of three categories; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  When you find exorbitantly high prices, that doesn't always yield exorbitantly professional results.  While there are certainly various style choices a demo producer can make, there are some basic tenants you can not overlook when choosing someone to work with.  There's a lot to go over here because we do a lot to insure you don't just walk away with a "demo", but instead you have a tool that represents your talent, and is produced at the utmost level of professionalism.  We operate with the integrity and patience you should expect from a demo producer and we're here to mentor you through the entire process.


We get to know you! We don't do cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all demos. We design the copy and pick products and characters based on you and your personality. MOST IMPORTANTLY, if we feel your VO skills aren't quite ready, we won't just take your money.  Our team has been in the business a long time, and we've seen this happen to people time and time again. We want you to succeed!  We'll happily point you towards resources that can improve your skills, and when they're ready, we'll be here to help.  We also offer additional hours of "demo prep" if you just need a little extra help. If you are brand new to voice over and haven't had any training or coaching, we STRONGLY recommend making that investment before doing a demo.



Once your producer has your scripts ready, you'll work with them over Zoom for 2 one-hour sessions. 

We want to work with you BEFORE it's time to record so we can help you develop the characters and dial-in the specific attitudes needed for each script.  If you need more than 2 coaching sessions, additional hours are available for an additional fee.


If you're local to Los Angeles we can book you in one of the pro studios we use, and your rate for studio time is $50 per half hour. If you live outside LA, we can discuss a variety of options available to you for recording locally. Chances are you can record at a local studio or even your home, because BREAKING NEWS: You need to be able to record professionally from home if you want to be a player in this game. Don't worry, we can get you setup with a home recording solution as well.



We design copy and pick products and characters based on you and your personality. This helps you deliver the emotions you're trying to convey to the audience.  For instance, if you love Target and despise Wal Mart, naturally you will have an easier time conveying the right emotion in a Target commercial.  Now if you end up booking a job for Wal Mart, that's when the voice acting really kicks in and you fall back on your coaching and training.  



We have access to vast libraries of music and professional sound effects that are constantly updated. It is an absolute must to make sure the person producing  your demo understands the licensing aspect of choosing your music.  If they don't, it can come back to bite you.  It's also essential that the person choosing your music understands the importance it plays in helping you convey the emotion of your read and it's impact on the listener.  It's not just "background music".



That's right, not months, not weeks... days.  How do we turn around such great work so quickly? Simple, our chief engineer has been recording, mixing, and mastering voice over professionally for over 17 years, literally thousands of sessions.  That's thousands of hours working with the best directors and talent in our industry.  His background as a musician and song writer play a huge role in the understanding of what the music needs to accomplish when supporting your voice and attitude.



We'll provide ALL of your raw VO tracks, ALL of your individually mixed and mastered spots, and even include various versions of your demo if needed, at no extra charge: the full version, usually around 1:30-1:45, a cut-down version that's around 1:15, and a super tight 1 minute version required by some agents and casting sites.



Our industry and trends in voices can evolve quickly.  You can get new spots for only $100 each so you can update your demo and keep it fresh.   And if you need to add commercials and animation clips from sessions you've worked, just send in the raw VO and we'll mix and edit those in for only $75 each!



Read what  some of our demo clients have to say...

"Bryan has been editing my demos and demos that I produce for over 7 years. Producing demos can take forever, unless your engineer really knows what he is doing! He knows exactly what agents are looking for when editing together a demo. His knowledge, speed and skill are unparalleled and when I need a certain sound effect, he always locates exactly what I want so quickly! His rates are highly competitive, but not nearly what he should charge given given his crazy-great level of expertise.  Bryan is my go-to for engineering and editing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" - Debi Derryberry aka Jimmy Neutron

Mick's professional knowledge, great motivation and direction helped me create a Voice Demo that has dramatically increased my confidence during auditions.” - PaMela Antwine, Voice Actress, Innovative Artists

"When traveling down your actor path you have to make sure you’re prepared for the journey. A quality demo is a must and I can’t think of a better place to record one than with Bryan Showalter while being directed by the unbelievably talented Julie Maddalena. You won’t encounter friendlier professionals who will work with you until you have the perfect sound and your demo will be the best representation of you as an actor. The studio is clean, the equipment is top notch and the direction you will receive is some of the best. Collaborating with Julie and Bryan will yield a truly epic demo that you can proudly use to market yourself for years to come." -  David McKahan

My daughter loved working with Lynnanne on her voice over demo!! It was such a fun, creative and collaborative process for her. They worked together as a team to really highlight her areas of strength. Lynnanne helped shaped the session to encourage her to get the best out of her! My daughter had a blast, and the end result was such a joy to listen to!! 

Her entire team loved the demo and it’s been a huge asset to help open up doors for her. Thank you Lynnanne! 

Jodie Tallman (Mom of Kensington)

Mick made the experience easy, comfortable and positive. I left feeling like I'd made the best demo I possibly could thanks to his guidance and expertise. The production value is top notch, too.” - Anthony Tedesco, Voice Actor, Artistic Talent

"I've worked with Julie and Bryan and their insight is unparalleled.  Patient and kind, you won't find anyone better to give you a more comforting and professional experience. When I had trouble not getting the right read out of a line, they both helped me out by working through new techniques until we found the keeper! Their collective experiences and understanding will help bring the best out of you."  - Dylan Belardinelli

"Bryan HAS ALWAYS COME THRU for me thru thick and thin.  His demo reels. YES YES YES  He’s my GO TO always... and quick!!!  Holy Moly!!! He’s quick, kind and thorough.  I personally can say with conviction, he’s your guy." - Vanessa Gilbert, Agent / Manager RSA Talent




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Commercial $1400 Animation, Video Game, or Promo   $1500
Narration and E-Learning   $900
Youth Voice Print Demo  $800

We can add the music, sound design, and then mix & master
for ONLY $489 for commercial and $589 for animation

Email us your tracks and we'll freshen up your existing demos by adding your new material and removing any out-of-date stuff for only $100 per demo

You're not the first, but rest assured, if you can get your raw VO tracks separate from the music, we can remix it for $300 and if you need to replace the music and sound design, it's ONLY $489 for commercial and $589 for animation

We have a complete package deal including: Home studio recording equipment with live one-on-one tutorial, Intro to VO videos courses, 101 ,102, and 103, 8-week one-on-one coaching, and your custom commercial demo. Fill out the form below for more info.


Read what  more of our demo clients have to say...


"Bryan and I have worked together over ten years and he's engineered hundreds of sessions for me and remixed all my demos. Hands down, he's the best.  He's got the ear and will guide you in the right direction and he knows what the agents and the producers are looking for in this ever changing world of voice over.  If you are a beginner or a seasoned performer he will bring out your best work. Need a home studio or to tweak what you have? Bryan will put together the perfect package and answer all your questions... Simply the best and a super easy guy." - Joan Roberts WMA

Alyson and Bryan will rock your demo world! Between Alyson’s coaching to get your best performance possible and Bryan’s first class demo production, you can’t miss. The business narration demo they produced gets consistently noticed on the P2P sites and has landed me several eLearning gigs!“ - Jim Cooper 

"Aly and Bryan catapulted my voiceover career. I was a beginner, and once Aly said I was ready we recorded my demo. After sending it out, I ended up with eight, yes, EIGHT, different agents after a weekend of emails. It was an incredibly validating experience and set me up for professional success." - Kevin Perales

"What can I say about a demo that opened ALL the doors for me. Turns out quite alot

 Working with Julie and Bryan was a true collaborative effort and they really knew how to get the best out of me. Julie has an innate talent to really find material that perfectly fits you're voice. When it was time to record I was in great hand with Julie and Bryan. When I got the first draft of the demo back it was better than I ever could have expected. I began what I call my voice over renaissance after distributing my demo and have been working in very fulfilling jobs ever since! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get an amazing jump in your career." - Brook Chalmers

"Julie’s encouragement and positive energy made every conversation that I had with her about planning my demo something I could look forward to. Her experience and trained ear made her an invaluable ally in taking on this project. She identified all of my strengths and improved on my weaknesses with subtle direction and coaching. We had some tough decisions to make in paring the demo down to a reasonable time because we were able to capture so many great moments. I’ve gotten nothing but great feedback on the finished product.  Bryan is that rare engineer that knows that he’ll get a stronger performance out of you with encouragement and positive energy. His excitement at hearing one of my reads made him my first and best audience. His ability at blending the music and effects to create a fully integrated soundscape made my demo shine. His willingness to work with his talent every step of the process made the entire experience such an enjoyable one." Rene Ruiz

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